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Those Black Spots that Appear on Your Car Might be From a Fungus 

How to Remove These Black Spots 

Some of you might have encountered these black spots that suddenly appear on your vehicle. Not only do these spots tarnish your car’s image but they’re also difficult to remove. Even a usual car wash clean up doesn’t suffice for these stains. One of the most effective ways to remove these spots is to scrub by hand or use a clay bar to clean them off. With that said, you need to be careful when removing the spots since too much scrubbing can damage the paint of your vehicle. It’s better to have professional car cleaners remove the spots for ease of mind.

What are these spots and where do they come from?  

It’s actually from a type of fungus 

The spots are caused by a type of wood-decay fungus or more commonly known as artillery fungus or shotgun fungus. These fungi shoot spores up to 20 feet - marking black spots around its area. The spores commonly land on cars, houses, equipment, or anything that’s within its vicinity.

Keeping your car spore-free  

Removing the black spots can be a hassle and not to mention, very time-consuming. It’s best to prevent such troubles for your convenience. Be careful where you park your car, especially if the area has a lot of mulch and wood debris. This is because there might be mulches where these fungi can grow. If your lawn or home parking space is infested with artillery fungi, it’s best to just remove the mulch. If you do need mulches for your landscape, it’s best to use non-wood mulch.

If you need help with removing black spots from artillery fungus or any other tough vehicle stains, Jeff's Car Wash is here to help you out! Our experienced cleaners are always eager to provide quality car wash and auto detailing services.




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Can you please stay open till 5 like your hours are listed. Love you car wash but will be canceling my membership due to it never being open.



Very interesting and helpful! Thank you... and who will tell the Joe commenter that he's not entitled to anything in life, not even help from strangers ;)



Thanks for the advice. I'm visiting your site from middle Georgia (first result in the Google search, good job!) so I won't be able to stop by and let your crew handle it, but looks like I'm getting our and scrubbing the roof this weekend.



How about telling us how to fucking remove the shit instead of promoting your shit service.

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